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A Study of the Nicole Bias

By: Mish

After months of clinical studies it’s now come to my attention that we must investigate a phenomenon called the “Nicole Bias.” This phenomenon was brought to light by a creature known as Anthony Ramirez. In the famous Husky Highlights discord server there have been many examples of members biasing Nicole Sayama over Mr. Ramirez. Anthony believes this bias even extends to other social media platforms, such as the widely used Twitter dot com. A few examples of this bias have been:

  1. When an argument instills, Ms. Sayama is automatically in the right, no matter what opinion she holds
  2. Anthony gets no bitches
  3. Anthony receives no likes on any of his tweets, while Nicole receives all the likes
  4. Anthony smells like shit and funk
  5. Nicole smells like flowers and happiness
  6. Everyone likes Nicole
  7. Very few people like Anthony

With this conclusion, I have decided to denounce the existence of the Nicole Bias. In fact I’ve determined that this is just a simple case of Ms. Nicole Sayama being superior to Mr. Anthony Ramirez. :)

Marcus' Testimony Against Anthony Ramirez

This is what Marcus has to say about Mr. Ramirez.

  1. It was extremely funny when he fell in the pool with all of his clothes on, his phone, and his money, and car keys. 10/10 laugh
  2. I think he would make a good pet; like if he was a gerbil or a guinea pig or something like that. He would fit that role.

Thank you for your contribution Marcus!

What We Have to Say About Nicole

Submission #1: "I love Nicole so much, she’s so schweet and very caring. She also has the best hugs ever" - Mish

Submission #2: "Nicole has the fattest nuts and she rests them on my forehead. She's a good DJ." - Alburp

Submission #3: "Nicole is better than Anthony - at everything. She's also better at backflips." - Alburp